Beauty Style

Celebrities often surprise their fans with their new looks. Celebrities love to change their looks sometimes because of demand of role while sometime they do so as to express their individuality.

The Rapunzel Braid

Rapunzel, the name of Disney princess, is a familiar name. Rapunzel is renowned for her seventy feet blonde hair and marvelous stylish braid in Tangled. Tangled makes every girl wish to have a braid like her.

Some Myths About Hair

We often come across weird hair related myths that have no source whatsoever. Here are some myths unveiled for you to be sure what you are doing wrong.

Bored of same hairstyle everyday at office? Don’t worry! It’s time to change up your look and say good bye to same hairstyle that you make everyday.

It is hard to choose from the shampoo aisle in a grocery store. Abundant of different brands have been introduced with multitude of shampoos flashing different lingo. How to find a perfect match for your hair?

By adding pineapple technique in your beauty regimen you can give life and bounce to your natural curly hair particularly between washing days.

A number of hair styling tools are being used despite knowing all damages caused by them. You may be prone to hair damage because of these heat appliances but getting rid of these products seems impossible.

2014 has brought a plenty of hairstyles for all stylish people. Welcome new fashion and new changes brought by New Year. Groom yourself by adopting new hairstyles this year.

What do your zodiac sign tell about your hair? Want to know that? Check out the beauty scoop of your hair that is based upon your zodiac sign.

Few days to go for Valentines Day. The day of love for all the couples is being celebrated throughout the world for many years. Are you ready for the day? Apart from your makeup, jewelry and outfit- here is a guide for lace braid Valentine’s Day hairsty