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Monsoon season brings itself a large number of eye diseases. So it is very important to take care of your eyes especially during monsoon. Eye care is must for protecting your eyes.

Eye make-up is the most important part of any woman's make-up treatments. This Eid ul Fitr go retro and classy with the listed trends in the make-up of this category. Read on for important tips and latest trends.

Girls just love radiant metallic pieces like silver metallic Smokey eyes because not only it is reflexive and charming but it is also getting trendier in modern times. Here are easy to follow steps to mark your style!

Eye Tattoo

Eye tattoo also known as cornea tattoo and is usually done for being in fashion. Physicians all across the globe have seriously condemned the act of getting an eye tattoo.

Classic Sunglasses

Classic Sunglasses will not only protect you from harmful rays of the sun but also make a true fashion statement. You can also get inspiration from your favorite celebrities who are wearing classic sunglasses.

Eyes are one of the most prestigious gift of god, thus dermatologist stress on extensive Summer eye care but unfortunately people fail to take appropriate care of eyes. Eye care tips in summer should be followed religiously.

Diabetes is a disease that affects various systems, once uncontrolled. One of its earliest affects is on eyes. Therefore it is essential to do diabetic eye care apprpopriately.The eye care tips are of immense help to the people who are suffering from diab

Eye Care Tips

Eyes are the most delicate part of the body and their care is necessary. Without eyes you cannot see the beauty of this wonderful world. Eyes are very precious, you must take proper care of them. In this hectic life, we often ignore or forget to do a few

Eyes need extra care with changing seasons; working ladies because of big exposure outside may cause eye infections and problems. Certain eye care tips may facilitate you to take good care of your eyes in summer.

Purple eye shadow is one of the eye shades that are for every skin tone and compliment every skin tone. There are so many eye shadows makeup guide tips that are helpful if someone wants to apply this color.