Beauty Style

Maybelline New York recently launched the new 12 hour formula of its worldwide bestselling Colossal Kajal, in Pakistan.

Spanx for your Eyes

One of the very common problems that women and men face is under eye bags. They reduce your beauty and make you look much older. Here is how you can get rid of them through spanx for your eyes.

Makeup tends to fade away quick if you haven’t applied a layer underneath your skin. Here is how you can make it last longer.

No one like tired and droopy eyes, every want to have fresh eyes. You all have to take care of your eyes by following these tips, they are really helpful and effective.

What are Dry Eyes

We hardly take out time to study the anatomy of our eyes or how they work and hence end up carelessly with certain eye conditions. We have heard of watery eyes, red eyes, and yellow eyes but never have we heard of dry eyes.

Learn the new ways to make your eyes pop and look beautiful.

Who can resist a woman with perfect eyeliner? No matter what your eye shape is, wear electric blue eye liner and you will look dashing in every dress. Let us show you how simple this irresistible makeup art is.

This a real beauty alert for the women of today because applying eyeliner is just not enough. Cat eye style is the latest way to give an out of the world look to your eyes.

Here you will find some tips to make your eyes look larger. Create illusion of larger eyes. Bring your eyes under spotlight by making them look larger.

Over the years as you age, wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes. Wrinkles can be the biggest enemy for the beauty of anyone. Finding the reliable and perfect anti wrinkle eye cream can be challenge.