Beauty Style

Easy makeup tips allow the working women’s to stay beautiful and confident throughout their stay in the office.

Have you ever happened to see a delightful lady is so beguiling in her normal look? Off course you did. You can have the same characteristic excellence that doesn't even need any cosmetics.

Brown eyes is one of the most common eye colors and is also one of the most versatile in terms of makeup.

Try out our top favorite makeup colors to give yourself a glamorous and charming look this summer.

Want to have a perfect party girl look? Find a step-by-step makeup guide & tips for party girl makeup, these tips will helps you to look awesome.

A service most clients desire to cope with their busy schedules especially in a cosmopolitan city like Karachi.

All colours are available at local Pakistani salons that offer the full essie spa experiences to their clients

A leading salon acclaimed for top-of-the-line hair solutions rests quietly in Clifton Karachi today

Salon owner Saman Zubair, started work with the distinguished hair stylist, Nina Lotia, as a trainee and soon developed a passion for this art

Down in the basement rest the massage tables and the core of the Pakistani beauty salon; the make up and hair area.

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