Is Shahbaz Taseer Marrying Model Neha Rajpoot?

Neha Rajpoot is a stunning Pakistani model and actress who started her career at a very young age. She is famous for her stunning face and charismatic personality.

In a recent question & answer session on Instagram, a follower asked Maheen Ghani about her husband’s cheating.

Neha Rajpoot, the commercial and fashion model, is an esteemed face of Pakistan’s fashion industry. The famous model is mostly seen participating in clothing and designer brands’ campaigns. Neha has also showcased her acting skills once, alongside Uzair Jaswal in the drama Morey Saiyaan.

Following the rumors of her dating Shahbaz Taseer, the son of slain Governor Punjab Salman Taseer, both have been recently spotted together at a wedding. The viral pictures show them together, casually hugging each other.

Previously, Maheen Ghani, Taseer’s ex-wife, stated that her husband cheated on her with Neha Rajpoot.

Maheen Ghani, the famous Pakistani fashion designer, was married to Shahbaz Taseer. When militants kidnapped Shahbaz in Lahore following his father’s assassination, Maheen remained supportive of her in-laws for years.

After Shahbaz’s release, things seemed to look up as the couple had an adorable daughter. However, soon the two parted ways and got divorced.

In a recent question & answer session on Instagram, a follower asked Maheen Ghani about her husband’s cheating. To this, Maheen replied:

To each their own, I guess, and whatever makes them happy. Though, I do hope that this trend of certain models with married men and vice versa changes. I am divorced now, fortunately, and wish them peace and healing.

Soon after, a follower questioned Neha Rajpoot about the cheating accusations. Neha Rajpoot responded to the question and said:

Lol, it’s easy to point fingers at people who stay quiet. Well, there are always two sides to a story; just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean they are wrong. I’m amazed at how whenever something comes up, it’s so easy for people to point at models calling them homewreckers and totally disregard housewives who, when their husbands are away for long, they cheat left, right, and center and then blame the man for moving on. I rest my case here, and I wish her peace and love.

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