Rambo and Ayesha Akram Audio Calls Leaked

Audio calls of Ayesha Akram and Rambo, victims of sexual harassment in Greater Iqbal Park, have been leaked.

In the leaked audio calls, both can be heard planning to take money from the accused arrested in the case. In a call, Rambo says the accused are poor and can’t afford to pay more.

In a call, Rambo says that I have videos of wherever you go, I will leak the video, Ayesha Akram says that I live at home, you can’t impose restrictions on me. Rambo says that you ruined my life. I have a video and a picture of you. You have ruined me. Ayesha Akram says that you are not my husband who imposes restrictions on me.

In a call, Rambo says, “I will not play or come to play. I have all your numbers. I have run out of patience. I will do WhatsApp videos for everyone. I will also die together and kill you.”

In a call, Rambo asks if the accused are six or seven. To which Ayesha Akram replies that six. To which Rambo says how much money should be taken for a compromise per culprit. You know everyone is poor. On which Ayesha Akram says that she has to do five lakhs with difficulty.