Mira Sethi Questions the Definition of Manliness that Targets Women Wearing Tights and Topless

Mira Sethi is a Pakistani actress, model, and writer. The daughter of journalists Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin, she attended Lahore Grammar School and Cheltenham Ladies’ College then graduated from Wellesley College in 2010; she spent her junior year abroad at Oxford University.

Mira Sethi has said that in recent times the definition of ‘masculinity has become so short that it starts with a woman’s dress and ends there.

Mira asked the critics of women’s clothing what they wanted to know about the ‘idea’ of being forced into the hands of ‘masculinity.

Speaking to The Independent Urdu, Mira spoke about the criticism of her and other female colleagues’ dress after the recent Lux Style Awards and said that some people made inappropriate comments on her photos.

Mira said that a person commented on the photo of Lux Style Awards with his actress Ushna Shah, saying, “Now if he did something or was forced to do it at the hands of masculinity, then you will speak.”

She asked what is the ‘idea’ of being forced to do something by ‘masculinity? At the same time, he said that now the definition of ‘masculinity has become so short that his ‘honor’ and masculinity starts from a woman’s dress and ends there.


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She said he found the man’s comments inappropriate, which prompted him to raise his voice. She wrote that in Pakistani society, both an independent woman and a tolerant man can live, but people have limited masculinity to such an extent that if one sees elegance in a woman’s dress, ‘masculinity’ is hurt.

She suggested that people broaden their horizons, including the definition of ‘masculinity.

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