Ru Baru

Ru Baru, HUM TV Drama (9)

Ru Baru is the story of a young girl, Shabiha, who after losing her parents moves in with her grandmother and uncles, Jameel and Shakeel and is brought up by them. Sabiha’s grandmother gets her engaged, however, her cousin’s friend Sarmad breaks off her engagement and marries her. It is only after that, that she discovers Sarmad is her step mother’s son and new facets of his obsessive and emotional personality. Find out what the future has in store for the two.

Starting from 9th January 2014

Directed by: Saif e Hassan

Written by: Hoor Shumail

Production: Momina Duraid

Day and Time: THUS 8:00 pm

Cast: Saira Yousuf, Faizan Khawaja, Saba Faisal, Behroz Sabzwari, Tipu Shareef, Ali Sameen, Tabassum Arif

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