Matha Patti – A Bridal Ornament

Matha patti is the first wedding jewelry piece that you notice when you look at the beautiful face of a bride. Matha patti has been popular in the Southern India for centuries. It is now gaining popularity in Pakistan for the last couple of decades. Matha patti has gained so much admiration in Pakistan that it is becoming an essential part of the Pakistani wedding jewelry trend.

Matha patti is simple replacement of jhoomer. It is like two strings attached to the tikka falling on either side of the forehead along the hairline. It gives an instant glamorous look to the bride and makes her look special on her wedding day. Matha patti, being an essential part of the wedding jewelry, now comes in different metals and embellishments. It normally matches the wedding jewelry set of the bride and compliments the wedding dress.

Pakistani wedding jewelry changes its styles and trends over the period of time. Different styles change with the change in the fashion. Matha patti has become a must part of the wedding jewelry these days. It could consist of just one string or a couple of strings on the forehead. That depends upon the choice of the bride and the weight of the wedding jewelry set.

Matha patti comes in different metals like gold, silver and copper. It is decorated with the beads and stones that are used in the wedding jewelry set of the bride. More embellishments can be added to the matha patti by choice of the bride.

Apart from all the beauty and glamour of the matha patti, there is just one drawback about it. In Pakistani wedding jewelry trend, matha patti is only used on the wedding day. It is of no use afterwards. The other items of the wedding jewelry are used at some time or the other, but this is not so in case matha patti. It normally goes wasted after the wedding.

One way to solve this issue is to use artificial matha patti on the wedding day. Another is to attach artificial strings to the tikka temporarily only to be used on the wedding day. You can also ask your jeweler to use the strings to make you some other jewelry item, like a bracelet or a necklace etc.

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