Fragrances are food for women’s soul

Women often confuse themselves while choosing the best fragrance if they become very choosy about it. Some women prefer fruity fragrances while others go for flowery and subtle scents. Fragrances of women today have become a worldwide business due to its inclusion in the women’s cosmetics.

Perfumes leave a seductive effect on the people around and it also helps stimulating women’s pheromones which gives them pleasure. A recent survey has discovered that more than eighty percent women shop for perfume twice a year which clearly shows the rising business of perfumes. Some fragrances are expensive others can be bought at discount rates if perfumes are bought in bulk. Some kind of perfumes can be bought from any departmental store.

Women should be aware of the fact that the best fragrances are never found on very cheap rates as copies can be made out of the famous brands at low quality. They fail to retain the real fragrance though they are quite similar to the original perfumes. Love4perfume is the hottest perfume and cologne seller. They provide special services of shipping over $99 in addition to the different type of discounts.

A few tips regarding making the best choice for women’s fragrance could be to use a card in order to feel the scent instead of spraying it on the hand as it gets mixed up with other scents. After you have chosen the best perfume for yourself, gently spray it on the spots where sweat is not visible. Then, breathe some fresh air before smelling the next fragrance. It makes the judgement of the fragrance better.

Women should keep in mind the occasion where they have to apply the perfume. A workplace fragrance should not be mismatched with a restaurant fragrance. There are a lot of “hitting the bar at Saturday night” fragrances which are certainly not worn if you are attending a women’s fitness club meeting.  Therefore, such differentiations should be clearly made before hand.The most unusual fragrance of the year 2011 is Lolita Lempicka which is enjoyed by the luxurious packing in which it comes. The first spray is quite sweet but soon it is replaced with an attractive and catchy fragrance. Velvet wrapping enhances its look and makes this extraordinary product along with the exotic combo of a silky sour-sweet fragrance.

Alfred Sung and Eternity by Calvin Klein are some of the best choices of fragrance for women too. A last healthy tip for women is that it should be noted that men might have a less sensitive sense of smell but fragrances shouldn’t be applied just too much. It might create a diverse effect.

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