Wedding Ring Rules

Jewellery trends continue to change like four seasons, at the end of the day all that is important is to have your own unique tastes. 2010 brings forward some very fashionable and trendy rings which can be worn by both men and women.     

Article: Rings are ruling this season and there is so much to select from, all you have to do is to grab your bags and visit your nearest shop which offers variety in terms of colours, gem stones and designs.

Whether you are looking for something flashy, small or big, jewellery rings, there are many to choose from. For example Heart shaped rings, given on Valentine’s Day makes a perfect gift for your beloved, – another symbolic ring, Swarovski crystal do a few of these beautiful crystal rings.

These fashionable rings come in numerous gemstones, diamonds and look beautiful for both men and women. Another jewellery ring of 2010, statement is Murano Rings from Venice, which are made from hand-blown glass, with gold scattered in them, in all shapes and sizes. Stunning Black Teardrop fashionable ring with Swarovski crystals is also in. The list of jewellery 2010

Jewelry rings is a great way to express yourself, show your passionate side, be elegant with dainty pieces or big and loud with a big chunky piece.Jewelry accessories are just that to be a accessory to your outfit to add that extra oomph.

We all need to watch those pennies at this moment in time, so with gold been the most stable thing now, it has become expensive, so to buying the simple gold ring, but never fear you can get them at wholesale prices from wholesale fashion jewelry.You have almost the same quality but a lot cheaper.

To find yourself that gold ring, or the white gold ring or platinum ring, whether it is for your wedding or just:

You need to make sure it is real gold, and what carat gold it is as well, make sure that you get the 100% guarantee when ordering online.

Or what about a sterling silver ring, they are pretty reasonable if you need to watch your pennies and easy for cleaning. Just give it a clean once a week and it will be all bright and shiny.

Shop wisely online, checking the quality, the latest trends, check the credibility if it is a store you have not heard about before.

If you feel adventurous, how about making your own fashion rings, either for someone as a present or for yourself.It might be the start of a different career change.

Take it one step at a time:

Decide on the kind, whether crystals, beads, wire and gemstones or play around with all.

Go to your nearest craft store or bead shop.

Get ready made silver bands, or use wire, beads, depending what kind of fashion rings you want to make.

If you want to make proper designs you need to go to school for that, especially any metals, beaded jewelry rings is a cheaper way to start.

You can find a whole range of beads, patterns online, or in magazines, changing it to suit you, playing around with the pattern,Bead & Button magazine have loads.

I have a lens on Squidoo on called crystal rings on how to make a four flower swarovski crystal ring, which can be accessed from my site.The picture is the base of the ring, to see more go to the lens, or my blog for more on fashion rings of all kinds.

Bernadette Cole, I make Swarovski crystal rings and other crystal jewelry. You can find my lens on Squidoo on how to make a crystal ring. My blog on crystal rings has lots on all kinds of fashion rings.

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