10 Interesting Facts About Mink Lashes

Women around the world today are wearing false eyelashes to look effortlessly gorgeous. As your natural lashes tend to be thin and small, they do not make you stand out from the crowd. But thanks to the invention of mink lashes, now everyone can make heads turn whether at an office, party or even simply walking in a store.

Mink lashes are made to enhance the natural look of your eyelashes. They are thick, long, and durable which means that if you invest in them once, you can enjoy their perks for a long time.

These beautiful pieces add length and frame to your eyes which makes them look even more appealing. If you’re considering getting these extensions for the first time, but have no knowledge about the same, you’re at the right place.

Today we’re going to discuss some amazing facts about these items that’ll clear all your doubts.

Some Interesting Facts About Mink Lashes

No Worthy Replicas

You’ll be surprised to learn that there are no worthy substitutes for mink lashes in the market. Though many companies have tried to replicate it, no one has been able to do it perfectly. As mink lashes are made from the fur of Siberian minks they are so soft, shiny, and natural-looking.

These are some of the outstanding features that just cannot be achieved with regular synthetic false eyelashes, faux mink or strip lashes, or even human hair lashes.

Naturally Sheen

No replica can do justice to the authenticity that mink lashes provide. Maybe that’s the reason why they so often get confused with your natural lashes even by the beauty experts. If you’re considering getting these extensions, you’ll be surprised to see how naturally soft, glossy, delicate, and fluttery they are.

Thanks to the mink’s natural adaptation to the cold climate, they have longer, stronger, and fluffier fur growth. All these results in the supremely soft, smooth, curly, and rich color of the eyelashes.

Durable Lashes

Though mink lashes are delicate, they are durable and long-lasting at the same time. Unlike the synthetic false lashes that need to be discarded after 1-3 uses as they start releasing harmful carcinogenic chemicals, mink lashes last for months and sometimes even for years! With proper care, mink fur can last up to 30 years!

Luxury Without Cruelty

The fur used in making mink lashes is obtained by gently brushing the minks at free-range farms in Russia and Siberia during the shedding seasons. It is proof that no animal is harmed during the procedure. In fact, the minks are meticulously cared for and well-fed by the farmers.

Because finest quality comes from finest care, the nutritional requirements of the minks are adhered to, keeping their growth, reproductive periods, governmental restrictions, and agricultural regulations in mind.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Faux materials used to create faux mink or silk eyelashes are all petroleum-based. Once they are disposed of, they clog landfills for centuries, thus polluting the environment. On the other hand, minks receive a rich diet full of nutrition which contributes towards maintaining the green recycling cycle within the ecosystem.

Unlike their faux counterparts, mink lashes are made from renewable biodegradable resources which help in keeping the prices of human consumption products low.

Extra Volume

Though minks have one of the softest fur types in the world, they can be quite dense. You’ll be surprised to know that even though mink fur hair is virtually weightless, they are about 3 times lighter compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Mink lashes are known to provide natural-looking volume to your eyes without adding any extra weight. Finding authentic minkfureyelashes that are enviously thick yet lightweight and delicate with a diameter of about 0.10-0.15 mm is like a dream come true.

100% Handcrafted

As no machine is perfectly capable of attaching individual fur hair to the lash band, mink lashes are 100% handmade. You’ll notice that every mink lash pair is somewhat unique with slight variations in the length, curl, and spacing. Every lash pair is professionally hand-curled to give a natural look.

No Chemicals

Mink lashes are made by shedding fur from black minks whose fur is naturally glossy and rich. It is so deep in color that no artificial treatment is needed to bring out its eye-catching allure.

Also, because the same pair of mink lashes are not meant to be worn for years, long-lasting fur preservation treatments are not required either.

Royal Imposters

Now that mink lashes are taking over the beauty market by storm, it’s becoming challenging to differentiate high-quality products from low ones. Some brands are adding low-quality material to the mink eyelash strips. Some even go as far as dyeing light-colored mink fur with harsh chemicals to give them a rich black shade.

Price Factor

Until recently, royal-worthy beauty luxuries like mink lashes cut a hole in your pocket. This custom-made beauty trend was made at an eye-popping cost of thousands of dollars and was popular among only celebrities. But thanks to them virtually creating this beauty trend that has ever since been sweeping across the globe.

There has been worldwide demand for eco-friendly, cruelty-free, real mink lashes that have pushed down the manufacturing cost. It has made bringing authentic products to the customers at an affordable cost possible. Now everyone has access to these beauties at a fair price!


Nowadays, mink lashes are available at affordable prices. You don’t have to be a celebrity to pull them off. Whether you have an economic reason or you’re sensitive towards chemicals, mink lash extension is the best option. It means if you get the extensions today to enhance your beauty, you’ll save more money in the coming years.

And that makes much more sense!