Things to Consider While Buying New Mens Shoes in Pakistan

Anything that makes you different from others and enhances your personality is considered an investment.

Do you know that shoes are considered the first thing in Pakistan that people notice when meeting someone for the first time? If you did not know this fact, make sure you read this article and keep your shoe game strong.

No matter where you are heading, your shoes must be on point, and they should match the event’s nature. Whether you are going to a movie, lunch, attending a formal meeting, you must wear appropriate shoes. You never know, going for a job interview—your recruiter might not select you based on your shoe selection.

We will be covering the top ten tips that will give you a practical guide, and it will also help you select the right shoe. However, the right shoe is not about the right size or right fit; there are other factors as well, which need to be observed while buying a new pair of shoes.

1. Perfect Fitting:

A perfect shoe is the one that fits you perfectly in terms of both length and width. There is no point in buying a shoe that fits in length but does not suit you in width. Such a shoe will make you extremely uncomfortable. Also, you will feel lost as you will keep on losing the balance. Ensure that you are buying the shoes that fit you perfectly and provide you with firm support.

2. Expectations about quality:

When buying a new pair of shoes, make sure you are checking the material and its quality. Buying a shoe is not only about the right size and length; it is also about good quality and material. Do not buy the shoes that you think will immediately start to rub. Also, please do not fall for the classic lines, as they will eventually fade away. Moreover, if you fall in love with a specific shoe, do not buy it— if it’s uncomfortable. You owe it to your feet, do not make them uncomfortable and sore.

3. Timings:

Timings matter, Yes, it is a fact. Your feet size changes according to the time of the day. You might have noticed that a particular pair of shoes is comfortable in the morning, but it feels uncomfortable wearing it at night. The size changes due to the ‘working temperature.’ The best time to buy shoes in the evening time.

4. Take your time:

Some people might not take shoe shopping seriously. But, it is the most important shopping as you walk wearing them. An uncomfortable shoe can entirely ruin your day. Moreover, a wrong fitting or unsupported shoe can waste your day. You must give time and observe the shoe closely before buying it. Do not fall for fancies; instead, invest in high-quality and comfortable shoes as they can make you feel extremely comfortable. Also, with good-quality shoes, you won’t feel lethargic during the outing.

5. Trying process:

Some people try on one shoe, and if it fits— they instantly buy it. Both the feet are never of the same length. However, it is quite important to try on both shoes and not just one. Shoes tend to become wider with age, so the shoe size can also change with age. You must be open-minded when buying shoes. Try on both shoes and check if both feet are comfortable.

6. Brand and manufacturer:

Yes, it is important to know about the craft and the materials used by the manufacturer. A good and renowned shoes brand in Pakistan would use good quality material, which will allow your feet to roam around without getting any blisters comfortably. Always do a bit of research about the manufacturer before buying the shoes

7. Type of shoes:

Do not always go for fancy shoes, as they might make your feet swollen. Make flat shoes your priority as they are beneficial orthopedically and anatomically. The weight distribution in flat shoes is equal, which allows the blood to circulate properly.

8. Leather finishing:

Make sure to check the quality of the leather. We release around 0.1 cl of sweat from our feet. Good quality leather will absorb the sweat, and it will also allow the feet to absorb the moisture.

9. Flexible shoes:

The flexibility of the shoes is extremely important. Bend the shoes and test the flexibility before buying it. If it’s bending properly towards the heel and toe area, it has a good flexibility feature.

10. Properly fitted shoes:

According to research, women do not buy shoes that have even slightly uncomfortable fitting. At the same time, men are more likely to buy big shoes. However, we recommend you to buy properly fitted shoes.

By now, you must have gained an insight into the factors that you need to consider before buying a new pair of shoes. Ensure that you do not buy shoes that are just beautiful from the outside, but extremely uncomfortable from the inside.