4 Home Remedies for Dark Underarms

Imagine your boyfriend’s or your friend’s horror when you lift up your arms and they see a dark patch on your underarms when the rest of you are shades lighter and also smooth.

Dark underarms become a problem not only because they do not look too good when you are wearing sleeveless blouses but also because the darker they are the more they smell.

Because the skin in your underarms is very sensitive and a lot of women either shave it or use hair removal creams with a lot of harsh chemicals, the skin there gets dark and also pretty bad to look at. Deodorants soon after shaving also do not help much. If you need your underarms to look as good as the rest of your body, you need to take special care.

Here are some home remedies that would help you do just that.

1. Rubbing lemon on your underarms

Lemons have natural bleaching qualities. They are also anti-microbial and when you rub them on your underarms, not only do they get bleached, but they also remain clean and fresh.

The acidic nature of lemons is a great option to brighten up your underarms and if you stick to it regularly, you should have fewer of the dark patches soon.

2. Water and baking soda mix

A mixture of water and baking soda is also a great home remedy for dark underarms. Take the mix and apply it thoroughly to your underarms. Leave the mix on for a while and scrub it off to get lighter underarms. As with the lemon, you will have to stick with this practice for a while to see better results.

3. Brown sugar and olive oil

Olive oil with its anti-oxidant and mild bleaching properties is great for the skin while brown sugar acts as a natural scrub. Make sure that the brown sugar remains as granules as it works better that way as a scrub.

Apply the mix on your underarms and rub it gently and wash it away to get clean underarms that aren’t so dark anymore.

4. Chickpea flour with milk or yogurt

You will need a few tablespoons of chickpea flour and plain yogurt or you can opt for milk. Mix the flour and the milk or the yogurt and apply the mix to your underarms.

If you do not mind dirtying your sheets at the night, you can leave them on for the entire night. Since they are completely natural, there would be no adverse effects. You can also add a dash of lemon to the mix if you want to see faster results.

Everyone likes to have normal underarms that do not look darker than the rest of the body and that do not stink. Instead of going for remedies, later on, you can do a few things to prevent them from looking so.

You can stop shaving your underarms regularly, stop using harsh chemicals to remove hair, and also stop using deodorants soon after you shave. The skin over there is extremely sensitive and it helps to treat it with care.