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Beauty of Deosai National Park

Deosai National Park

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The Deosai Plateau, known as the most noteworthy level on the planet is situated at the limit of the Karakoram and the western Himalayas. Deosai Plains are a boondocks nation at around 30 kilometers from Skardu.

It is an excellent summer field with greenery and innumerable types of Fauna & vegetation. The perspective of the Karakorum Range from the highest point of the 4,785 meterpass is incredible. Aside from pixies, this level is the natural surroundings of the significantly debilitated Himalayan Brown Bear and numerous other wild animals.


  1. The normal magnificence and imperative glory of the Deosai fields have made it world well known. Spread more than a zone of 3,000 square kilometers, at a height of 13,500 feet above ocean level, the fields are home to remarkable types of plant and creature life, of which the Himalayan Brown Bears are the most well known.
  2. The recreation center stays wrapped in the white sheet of snow from November to May and it is just in the mid year months one gets a chance to visit the recreation center. It is home to special high elevation verdure, including the Himalayan Brown Bears.
  3. Deosai is thought to have made an uncommon living space where this endemic species has developed over the long haul. The greater part of the level is a typical brushing ground for the rustic groups that live around it. 
  4. There are sixteen towns that are settled on the fringe of Deosai. It is open to them just for a couple of months consistently amid the brief spring and summer.

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