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The Unconventional Europe, A Guide To Memory

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Europe tour is the dream region on the surface of globe, for many of us to visit and cherish. Yes, that’s the kind of destination everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. And why should not one dream of visiting it? When, it carries the magical aura of true beauty.

To add on more, it is the destination for world’s amazing landscapes, beautiful people and experiences! But as you dear folks, Europe is a continent and has surfeit of extraordinary global beauty zones.

So, we made your work easy her by sorting the best of best from Europe. And we haven’t settled for the main stream ‘Europe-tourism’. We have stream lined for you locations/destinations in Europe that you had no clue for being the gorgeous of the gorgeous. The list is down below, have a go:

Smogen  in Sweden

It is located on the west coast of Sweden. It is one of the most amazing and exclusive towns of Sweden. It has a maritime feel in its atmosphere. With the picturesque fisherman’s cottages and boats in a stream of dots near the water. This place there is now considered a single Island.

Once it had been overlapped by several Islands. This place there is surely a beautiful spot to visit in Europe.

Cochem in Germany

It is a legendary town with a very rich culture and history in the retrospect. This place is surrounded by wine yards. Cochem is present in the Mosel river valley which is a beautiful spot. This a scenic beauty of its own and surely a spot for people who have tourism-crave!

Reine in Norway

Yet again a fishing village with the picturesque artic Island on the Moskenesoya. This is recorded as one of the Norway’s most beautiful village. It hits with sapphire bays that are set alongside to the amazing mountains. The fisher man’s cottages have been converted to cozy visitor cottages. The village itself has a mesmerizing view of the lights scene during ng the dark. Hence worth a shot!

Colmar in France

It is one of the oldest towns to be noticed in France. The history states it to be as old as the 9th century and hence it is titled as the “little Venice”.

The place has its aura of history of German  and French heritage in the air. Architectural views from the French neo-baroque to the German gothic era are prevalence there. Those having a nag for history should definitely visit there!

Bled Slovenia

This place is shielded by the huge mountains . This place has trace to history as back as to 1001 Roman Period. It is famous for its medieval castle that is set around the center of Lake Bled with the glacial blue water surrounding the castle. It has a breathe taking view. Definitely a worth try!

Bibury in England

Well, unlike the conventional tourist spots in England. This location here is situated in the hilly Cotswold region . It has lots and lots of glimpses in retrospect to history.

As far as the worth mentioning spot of River Coln is concerned, most of the architecture of this town is all a flashback to art and history. It has a scenic beauty with luscious meadows and ancient stone cottages that surround the entire space.

Goreme in Turkey

Built in the roman era , in the midst of the rock formations. Surrounded by architecture of all built-rocks stands this gorgeous place. Its  morning hits with hot air balloons striding off the place in air glorying to the amazing beauty. It is one of the most striking places to visit in Europe.

Burano in Italy

Yes, people it’s that techno color town that will sprinkle your mood up in no time. This is a sure spot to visit , for those who have a happy going taste. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe.

Giethoorn in  Netherlands

The simple life stands by this town , which connects to the old-world canals. The only access in this town is by the water route. Oh, yes this sure is a romantic spot . This reflects a simple romantic beautiful lifestyle which could become a cherishible experience to make a move towards Europe.

Dinant In Belgium

This city is sandwiched between the Miuse river and it citadel. One thing this place is famous for is its strong immaculate architecture. The place carries a wonderful waterfall of Grotto of Dinant. This surely is a small city yet one to the most retentive in regard to memories.

So, there you go Folks we have provided you with some beautiful places that you’d love to visit. These are un-conventional spots . Not so heavily named yet one of those places you will always remember. These beautiful places are worth a shot to try and visit. All we can say is, BONJOUR!


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