Ed Kavishe

Ed Kavishe

Fashion runways and fashion shows are hard to visualize without photography. No still photographs means no advertisement, no business. Designer clothes and designs become meaningless and fashion collections seem as they never existed. So, there works Fashion Wire Press (FWP) which works as the ultimate resource for fashion runway and catwalk photos and the highly creative man behind this press is photographer Ed Kavishe.

Catwalk photographer Ed Kavishe takes quality pictures of fashion models, fashion shows, fashion collections, fashion events, red carpets, award ceremonies and of all fashion related occasions. Many of the featured photographs of his company Fashion Wire Press have been published in international fashion magazines including Vogue UK, Marie Claire, Elle, and The Daily Front Row.

According to Fashion photographer Ed Kavishe every fashion designer must have photography of their newly introduced fashion collection at least twice. One-during fashion runway for the press and second for the studio look book format.

During Portland Fashion Week (spring/summer) 2010, Ed Kavishe did photography for Pakistani fashion designer Mehdi’s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.


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