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Based on coquet husbands who just have extra marital affairs, the film "Thank You" brings safest side for wives to decipher the tautness with husbands happily. Yet the story plot is too filmy but it holds lesson for disloyal husbands.

Repeating now and then the line, ‘men are dogs, dogs are born to stray’ is what “Thank You” has derived its theme that men can enjoy life out of home whereas wives have to convulse at home. “Thank You”  is a story of three married friends Raj (Bobby Deol), Vikram (Irrfan Khan) and Yogi (Sunil Shetty) living in Toronto and are bluffing their wives Sanjana (Sonam Kapoor), Karthika (Rimii Sen) and Radha (Celina Jaitley). Sanjana discovers her philandering husband Raj and hires the service of private detective Kishan (Akshay Kumar) who ascertains to teach their cheating husbands an indelible lesson.

However, the full on entertainment begins when both husbands and wives get the same detective yet it remains till first half of movie only. The second half is quite bewildered when Kishan (Akshay Kumar) clears up all confusions making viewers wondering about the story line.

The film on the whole is time pass with no extra ploy other than the Biwi No 1, Masti and Shaadi No 1 where a marriage counselor endeavors to make husbands realize their good wives. Screenplay is weak, performance is odd. Yet the thing enticing in “Thank You” is crispy dialogues and the item number of Bollywood hot diva Mallika Sherawat’s that has given an edge to the slow going film.


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