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Pond’s Institute Shanghai

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Pond’s Institute Shanghai

Posted on May 4th, 2010 |
Catwalk Event Management, Pakistani Celebrities
May 3rd, 2010


Organizer: Catalyst (Sister Concern Catwalk Productions)

Pond’s, the leading beauty brand, has brought award winning international scientists to Shanghai, creating an elite team of scientific beauty innovators. The team has been tasked with a single-minded remit: to beautify the skin of women across Asia.

The Pond’s Brand Council Members visited Shanghai from the 9th of March 2010 till the 12th March 2010. These Brand Council Members are Sana, Safinaz, HSY, Mrs Shehyr Saigol, Dr.Fazeela Abbasi, Tapu Javeri and Frieha Altaf who visited the New Pond’s Institute global research centre which has recently opened in Shanghai.
The Pond’s Institute Shanghai has top class specialists and serves as the Asia link for the Pond’s Institute network. This allows the Shanghai team to work closely with New York and Europe, accessing expertise and research from other markets to support the Asia-specific developments.

Rajev Shukla, Pond’s Global Vice President says, “The Pond’s Institute is about really listening to Asian women to find out their skin concerns. Already, we've listened to over 80,000 consumers’ right across Asia. The Pond's Institute in Shanghai positions us perfectly to do this. Asia is different from the US and Europe. We know that Asian women need products that are specific to their skin type and address their lifestyle and environmental conditions.”

Head of research at the Pond’s Institute, Dr Sona Pushkar says, “Pond’s has relocated leading scientists from across the globe to work on top secret projects at the Pond’s Institute Shanghai.” He continues, “It’s a dream job for any forward-thinking scientist, the brand new facilities are second to none. My team is in place and ready to deliver groundbreaking beauty products, specifically designed for Asian skin.”

Dr Fazeela Abbasi is the top most dermatologist in Pakistan today, and fast becoming a household name, thanks to her immensely popular segment on a leading television show.
A graduate of the world famous St John’s Institute of Dermatology, Kings College London, she founded the Advanced Dermatology Clinic in Islamabad which is fast becoming an icon in the field of skin care and cosmetic procedures.
She is a member of British Cosmetic Dermatology Group and Pakistan Association of Dermatology as well as the prestigious ESCAD (European Society of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Dermatology). 
Dr Fazeela Abbasi is also serving as an advisor / Consultant in the Federal Ministry of Health. She has been taken as a skin expert in the Ponds Brand’s Council .She visited the Ponds institute in shanghai and was briefed about the Pond's new age miracle night cream.

"The lab personnel were very cooperative and the experts gave detailed presentations. I am satisfied by the promising anti aging ingredients being used in the cream", she said.

"It was an amazing fun. The group that was put together was great. Everyone got along really well. The city has a great vibe on shanghai" Safinaz said.

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