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Weldon Moms Baby Costume Carnival 2011

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Weldon Moms Baby Costume Carnival 2011

Posted on Dec 22nd, 2011 |
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Dec 21st, 2011

Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, Karachi.

Organizer: Voila PR

The biggest support group of mothers, Weldon Moms held their annual event Baby Costume Carnival 2011 in Karachi. This Baby Costume Carnival is a novel event that provides a great time to parents and children together.

Moms joined this Weldon Moms Baby Costume Carnival 2011 on top floor of Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road Karachi. The carnival was executed and designed by founder of Weldon Moms, Anila Weldon. There was a part of the venue reserved for food for Weldon Moms Baby Costume Carnival 2011. Children were dressed in creative theme based costumes such as black bumble bees, fairies, ghost, scholar, and others with painted faces.

There were some doctors and policemen whereas celebrity moms such as fashion model Nadia Hussain, expert cook Farah Hussain and many others judged the Weldon Moms Baby Costume Carnival2011.

Sinbad, HBL, Cool and Cool, Butlers Chocolate Café and Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road sponsored the Baby Costume Carnival2011.

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