Interview of Neha Ahmad

Neha started her career with a casual photoshoot for Ather Shahzad, soon afterwards she signed a contract. Since then she has been modelling for various agencies throught Pakistan. She's controversy's favorite child and the model who gives other models sleepless nights because of that special something in her that cameras can't seem to get enough of. Daring, sexy and not afraid to speak her mind, Neha Ahmad just won the Model of the Year 2008 Lux Style Award.

1. How old are you?

Certainly older than what Meera says she is!

2. What is your wildest fantasy?

Most of my fantasies have been fulfilled... ever since I joined the world of fashion. However, I want to end up as a knockout, world-famous model who jet sets to all the fashion capitals of the world and lives the life of the supermodels.

3. When you entered the world of fashion, you started running the show instantly, something that isn't easy for a newbie. How did you manage that?

It was a difficult experience in the beginning. but it's all about knowing your way around, I'm glad I made a lot of friends in the industry; I didn't limit my work to a few people and that added a lot of value to my portfolio as I got new tips from all stylists and photographers!

4. What do you see yourself as in ten years when you won't be a model?

I'll still be modeling! I think I can pull off my career for that long hopefully because there will be a lot of innovation in this field. Abroad fashion models have a long and lively career, which is something I admire.

5. Who are you going out with?

I'm not going out with anyone because I really don't have time for all of this! I'm focusing on my career at the moment.

6. You are one model who has been very daring when it comes to fashion shoots. Where do you draw the lines?

I'm a very professional model and usually end up giving my  best to the team I'm working with. As long as I feel comfortable and nice, I wouldn't say no! That is the first quality of top-rate fashion model.

Source: Pakstop


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November 5th, 2008 02:08 PM by imm60

ahha........she would not say 'NO', quality of top rate model.ssssshhhhhhhh.............but donot tell others....

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