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asad malik
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Asad Malik is one of the sparkling jewels in the roster of Pakistani talent. He is a tremendous actor from Karachi, who has worked in movies and various television serials. His early serials at PTV earned him huge amount of fame and success. He is the living legend of today whose devotions and hard work will never be forgotten by the world of television.

1. As a regular performer in leading T.V plays, has your talent been adequately recognized?

Yes, fairly well, I would say. At least where it should’ve been recognized, I mean the masses, not the media persons. People know me and appreciate me.

2. Along the way, who have been your gurus and mentors?

I’ve learned through my own work and most of the time it’s me myself who becomes the guru. In simple words, I am my own Guru.

3. How was your experience of Jail?

I would say I’ve spend the beautiful days of my life in Jail, The food was good and I used to pass my time studding. Besides, I became friends with Yousaf Raza Gillani, who was also there at that time.

4. How do you maintain your figure?

I had a liposuction surgery, which is, I must say completely rocking option, if you want to lose weight. I had that and I would highly recommend that to other people as well who are having difficulty losing weight.

5. Are you married? What is your definition of perfect wife?

By the grace of God I’m not married yet (laughing) since woman is the one who has to manage home and relationship, she should be understanding, compromising and caring.

6. How long is your acting dream?

Acting was never a dream for me. It all started with an opportunity that landed me to the glamorous world of Showbiz.

7. Do you believe in the fact that some of your talents are Gifts of God?

Talents, whatsoever they pertain to, are the gift of God. You can polish them but you can’t create or generate them.

8. How has the year 2010 been production wise and success wise, can you sum it up for us?

Year 2010 is becoming one good span for a series of good events, by the grace of God, both in learning and earning.

9. Any plans for re-launching yourself in the movie world?

Not yet. I am pretty happy with where I am right now.

10. What are your hobbies?

My friends call me crazy because of my hobbies that are completely different. I enjoy doing Scuba Diving, Hunting, Flying, and Target Shooting in free time.

11. Have you ever felt jealous or envy of other people in your field.

No. I’ve never felt jealous of anybody. I am fully satisfied with what God has given me.

12. Can you share with us your plans for the next three years, keeping in view the prevalent conditions in Pakistan?

I never plan anything; I just go with the flow. Even my career in showbiz didn’t started as a plan, It all started with an opportunity.

13 Any message for your fans?

Yes. Always take care of other’s rights. We always do things that make us happy, but if we all try to think about others at least for a moment out of 24 hours then the world would be a better place to live.


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