Jayanthi Ballal: Pick up Coal and Make it Gold

Jayanthi Ballal
Fashion Designer

FC - How do you perceive fashion and style?

Jayanthi Ballal -  For my collections i don't have to perceive as I create my own fashion and style. But yes for any other I go through social medias and networks.

FC - What inspired you to become a Fashion Designer?

Jayanthi Ballal - More than inspiring it was desire to become so i made my desire come true.

FC - How do you stay up-to-date with fashion?

Jayanthi Ballal - Being a designer in tier two city its tough to get updates. But as am more concentrated on traditional i create my own fashion. May be i can say little support of social networks also.

FC - Who do you idealize in the fashion industry?

Jayanthi Ballal - There is no second thought about that it is obviously Sabyasachi as am more concentrated on traditional.

FC - What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a designer?

Jayanthi Ballal - My life was more challenging so designing was a cake walk for me.

FC - Kindly share with us what Collection are you working on for Mysore Fashion week?

Jayanthi Ballal - As me being a traditional designer i would love to bring in tradition and culture of my city. It wil be a traditional design with contemporary touch.

FC - Any special liking for a particular fabric or do you just choose out of what is available?

Jayanthi Ballal - I believe in pick up coal and make it gold. So i pick up any fabric and make creative designs from it.

FC - Where do you see your label in the next 5 years?

Jayanthi Ballal -  I believe in appreciating designs than appreciating the label. So i want to make my designs more appreciative than my label.

FC - Where would you like your career in fashion to lead you to?

Jayanthi Ballal - Am a mentor to my city, i would like to grow within my city and encourage youngsters of my city. But i will be more happy to explore myself.

FC - Is customer’s criticism any help in coming up with creative designs?

Jayanthi Ballal -  Creative designs comes by lot of trial and error. Customers criticism can be taken as a challenge for.

FC - Do you also aim for international exposure?

Jayanthi Ballal - Yes I do. I try put up my collections on social medias and I get response from various places abroad.

FC - Do you have special personal affiliation with any design?

Jayanthi Ballal -  I have been using heritage jewellery designs for my collections as Mysore being a heritage city.

FC - Which collection of yours do you feel really proud of?

Jayanthi Ballal - Traditional with a contemporary touch to it. The old Kanjeevaram sarees which my client get i will give it a new look which give me happiness in my work than feeling proud.

FC - Which latest trend is your personal favourite?

Jayanthi Ballal -  I always believe in comfortable wearing so one should do creative in comforts zone.

FC - Any do’s and Don’ts of fashion that you would like to suggest for people?

Jayanthi Ballal - Do's I would like to say that nothing comes without hard work and creativity so one should put in their heart and soul towards any work to succeed..

Don't of fashion I don't have anything of such to say.


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