Fashion Designer Sehyr Anis talks to Fashion Central

Pakistani Celebrities

Q1: When did you start designing?
Q2: What inspired you to become a fashion designer?
people appreciating my sense of design and embellishment
Q3: How would you define your design philosophy?
Simple, chic, stylish
Q4: What colours are in for Spring/ Summer 2012? 
bold, bright colors like orange, red, fushia
Q5: What colours are a definite no for Spring/ Summer 2012?
greys, ink blues
Q6: If you could dress up any woman in Pakistan, who would it be?
fatima bhutto
Q7: Who is your style icon?
No icon as such...
Q8: Who is your muse? 
None yet
Q9: Do you believe less is more? 
Q10: Do you like working with chiffons more or cotton?
Q11: What fabric do you most enjoy working with?
Chiffon and silks
Q12: What fabric do you hate working with?
Q13: Besides your own designs, whose clothes do you enjoy wearing?
There are so many international brands but locally anything and anything I like. I really like Elan and Umer Sayeed
Q14: Where do you see your label in the next 5 years?
Hopefully it would have developed a niche for itself.
Q15: Have you thought of expanding to other cities and possibly other countries? 
Yes, why not. Slowly and Steadily


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