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I think the name of the show Utho Jago Pakistan should be changed to Utho Jago Shaista Wahidi as she is the one who needs to be wake up from her childish attitude.

Shiasta Wahidi is a sensible and beautiful host, but don’t you think sometimes she acts so childish! And the same thing made her trip and fall live in front of whole world on the sets of her very own show.

In the recent live episode of Utho Jago Pakistan, Shaista Wahidi invited Meera and her 13 husband-to-be-candidates of Kon Banega Meera Patti. The show was followed by a rather messy and unorganized end, when everyone including the host and the-bride-to-be Meera started dancing.

The scene almost resembled a 13-year-old birthday party, which ended on the fall of the host, Shiasta Wahidi. I think they should practice dance steps before doing them live on TV! 



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