Kon Banega Meera Patti

kon banega meera patti

Do you dream of becoming Meera’s so-called Patti?? I don’t! but yes hundreds and millions of people do! That is what the reality TV show ‘Kon Banega Meera Patti’ is telling us as hundreds of people have come to participate in the show.

GEO TV has started a unique and rather ironic show in which Meera will choose her own husband, one perfect guy from 13 candidates. But we don’t guarantee a fairytale happy ending though or that Meera will really treat him like a perfect husband.

However, Meera told a press conference on Wednesday that she will get married by the 26th episode of Kaun Banega Meera Pati.

Dressed in dark brown and adorned with silver earrings, Meera said,   “Like every other girl, it is my dream to get married, and I hope I can find the perfect guy through this show. I have received 12,000 proposals on my email account. People say there is a dearth of proposals for girls. Therefore, I’m overwhelmed to get so many of them.”

The thirteen men shortlisted for the show would have to go through several challenges to prove their love for the actress. “This is no drama.”

VJ Ali Safina, who would be hosting the show, called it the biggest reality show in the history of the country. “Meera, the most loved film celebrity, will find her perfect life partner and the Geo team will help her in this search.”


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