Naked Veena Malik caught on camera

pakistani model
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Veena Malik might be out to get publicity but she doesn’t know that she is embarrassing the Pakistanis in front of the entire world.

First the Ashmit-Veena cuddling scene inside the quilt, then the confession of love with Hirashant and now the latest thing to happen in Big Boss is her 10 seconds naked video captured by the hungry cameras.

Pakistani model, Veena Malik was caught off-guard on camera as her towel accidently slipped off exposing her entirely topless body. Though the scenes won’t be shown on national television but you never know as the men managing cameras are not saints.

However, it can’t be confirmed whether she did that on purpose or was it an unintentional, but Veena might not be aware of the fact how deeply Big Boss has caught her and that things might become filthier when she returns to Pakistan!



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