Veena Malik shares her story on Big Boss

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Veena Malik drops her first bit of wisdom on first day of Big Boss 4, and shares her oh-so-sad story about her love life.

While wiping away her tears she said to Shweta Tiwari of (Kasuti Zindagi Ki) “I am religiously a one-man-woman and want to remain single for next two to four years of my life.”

When she started talking about Asif, there was no stopping her, from ‘He’s not good looking’ to ‘he has nothing’ there was no full stop. 

Starting from her engagement with Babrik Shah, she said she was engaged to Babrik Shah, when Asif came penny less, she wanted to help him and that’s how they became friends.

“God knows I was sincere to him. He had cases against him in India and Dubai; I hired lawyers and media managers for him. I hired trainers who would wake him up every morning to exercise. I knew he was cheating on me, but he denied it. I hired an agent and investigated him.” She told.

“I have been through hell” Malik said with a shiver in her voice adding, “He used to hit me. I still have scars all over my legs and body; he has been disgusting to me.”



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