The launch of 'Gulabo'

Fashion designer, Maheen Khan has launched her newest collection ‘Gulabo’ in Park Towers, Karachi amidst the sea of outlets by designers like Maria B, Khaadi Khas, Mantra and few others.

What comes to mind when you hear the name ‘Gulabo’ dazzling bright colors, truck arts, peacock, pigeons, flowers, romantic Urdu poetry written behinds trucks and rickshaws. In short typically Pakistani is this collection ‘Gulabo’ that attracted customers like bees to honey on its first launch.

Celebrities like Deepak Perwani, Nadia Hussain and Frieha Altaf were seen shopping and mingling with crowd that became the grand attraction for customers to come and shop. Other attractive feature was the incredible window display that was the ‘real girls’ dolled up to perfection with Gulabo’s accessories and shirts and looked like plastic mannequins.

'Gulabo' is a wonderful, full of happy colors assortment that includes, t-shirts, handbags, kurtas and short shirts in shades of brown, blue, black and light pink. In addition to that, long flowy peshwaz style kameez, with lots of drapes and layers of cloth were also seen.

‘Gulabo’ was all sparkling and shining in the glow of tradition with its funky handbags, some of them had even classic trucks sayings in Urdu ‘dekh magar pyar say’ and ‘Khatra’ fashion accessories including, necklaces, earrings, bangles were totally exhibiting truck art that was completely spell bounding.



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