Sonam Kapoor doesn’t show signs of decent upbringing: says Shobhaa De

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The charming young Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor has posted a tweet that has described the writer and critic, Shobaa De as ‘the fossil going through a menopause’.

Though it was originally written by Director, Puneet Malhotra who recently directed ‘I hate love stories’. He tweeted the message in an anger caused by Shobhaa De’s scathing remarks on ‘I hate Love Stories’. The Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor merely re-tweeted it on her Twitter Page.

However, after some time, Sonam Kapoor realized her mistake and wrote an apology message to Shobhaa De which said, “Mrs. De I owe you an apology for getting personal, I am ashamed for my momentary lapse in judgment. Every writer and journalist and audience is entitled to her opinion and I respect that” it is believed that Sonam apologized after pressure from her dad, Anil Kapoor who is considered a respectable and senior Bollywood celebrity.

On the other side, Shobhaa De in her blog said about Sonam Kapoor that ‘she doesn’t show signs of decent upbringing’.


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