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Shamoon Abassi divorced Humaima Abassi

Shamoon Abassi divorced Humaima Abassi

Posted on Apr 23rd, 2010 | Comments (0)

The popular love story of the two hot celebrities Shamoon Abassi and Humaima Abassi unfortunately come to an end. 

The admired couple was supposed to live a happy married life but the real picture just appeared. Both were facing some serious issues, probably regarding to Humaim’s interest in one of the leading actors of the Pakistani Showbiz Industry ‘Humaiyion Saeed’. It is also said that Humaiyion Saeed’s wife also warned him before. Both Humaima and Humaiyion Saeed are working together in the up-coming film of Shoaib Mansoor; news is in the air that they are having ‘more than friendship relation’. Last night when they were present on the set ‘together’, Shamoon Abassi reached on the spot and got annoyed with Humaima Abassi a lot. As a result of their quarrel, Shamoon Abassi at once divorced her. 
The dates of the Shoaib Mansoor’s film also got disturbed as like their married life.

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