Veena Malik Talks About Her Show ‘Astaghfar’

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After being criticized by the viewers so many times on live phone calls, Veena Malik has finally told the reason of choosing ‘Astaghfar’, the special Ramazan show running on Hero TV.

The special Ramazan show ‘Astaghfar’ hosted by drama queen Veena Malik has attracted a larger viewership not because of its religious theme, but because of the savvy Veena doing it. The show invites many callers regularly who throw fierce comments on Veena Malik and her traits both in Pakistan and Bollywood.

Though the show ‘Astaghfar’ talks about various social issues and inspires youngsters to seek forgiveness for their evil deeds but rather than inspiring them, it has given an open opportunity to people who would love to criticize Veena Malik.

When Veena Malik was asked the reason of choosing ‘Astaghfar’, she said “The answer is simple and very clear – to interact with people and to know their worries.”

She also told, “I have always been approached by channels asking me to do political shows, to share my thoughts on what political parties are up to here in the country. But I believe these issues are not of interest to the common man. He is a frustrated individual, who faces financial instability and other problems on a daily basis. It is his problems and issues that need to be addressed – this is something that is missing on TV and channels must address it.”

Veena Malik is very excited about her show and likes to share various social problems with people.


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