Sara Chaudhry Turns True Muslim-Leaves Showbiz

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The cute looking famous Pakistani actress Sara Chaudhary has said good bye to showbiz to turn a true practicing Muslim. She now observes Islamic hijab and is indulged in preaching (hadayah) activities.

Sara Chaudhary is known for her innocent face and excellent acting skills in Pakistan showbiz and has performed in many popular dramas such as “Tareekian”, “malangi”, “Tere janey ke baad”, “dil diya dehleez”, “tere pehlu main”, “whο rishtey whο natay”, “December” аnd “khuda zameen se gya nahin”. She has touched the peak of success in a short span of time and has a huge fan following.

Recently, Sara Chaudhary has announced to leave acting and showbiz forever as it is not allowed in Islam. She has become a God fearing Muslim now and learns Islamic teachings by joining Fahm-ul-Quran classes in Al-Huda International.

Indeed, it is a super transition for a successful actress like Sara Chaudhary. She has got true spiritual guidance of Allah Almighty.

We congratulate Sara Chaudhary for becoming an inspiration for all betrayed hearts.


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