Nida Azwer Brings The White Label Eid Pret A Porter Collection

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The talented Pakistani fashion designer Nida Azwer now brings a spectacular range of Eid Pret a Porter collection of her The White Label.

Nida Azwer launches a Pret a Porter collection for Eid at her studio. After achieving great success in the revival of Pakistan’s traditional textile crafts such as ‘Rilli’ ‘Tukri ka kaam’ ‘Khantha’ ‘Jamdani’ and ‘Gota ka kaam’ to name a few. Nida introduces ‘Kalami Embroidery’ done in the northern areas of Pakistan. Drawing inspiration from the designer’s surroundings, each piece of the collection represents a manifestation of the designer's aesthetic. Nida’s signature style is also inherent in the screen prints inspired by marine life, which includes sea horses, fish and octopus.

Also, unique to this collection is the designers’ amalgamation of her renowned screen printing with Applique work and Kalami Embroidery. Indeed the collection is based in a colour palette, which includes hues of reds, blues, greens and pinks along with the classic blacks and whites uniquely blended with her cuts to give a quintessential Nida Azwer character to each piece. The women’s wear collection is based in boski, cotton, cotton net and silk. 

Speaking about the collection, Nida Azwer said, “With this Eid Collection, our design house brings to Pret wear what The White Label represents most; smart, trendy, chic, attention to detail, finesse in cuts and drapes fusing together making the perfect ensemble for the modern Pakistani woman”.


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