Ali Gul Pir Brings Exciting Stand Up Comedy And Saeen Surprise

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The “wadairy ka beta” song famed Pakistani comedian come singer Ali Gul Pir recently did an exciting standup comedy coupled with a Saeen surprise in Karachi.

Ali Gul Pir, who now has a large fan following on social networking sites, did some standup comedy for Krachitis in a special comedy show. At the show, Ali Gul Pir entertained the crowd with his famous song “wadairy ka beta” along with introducing SAEEN logo and T-shirts.

After the song, Ali Gul Pir cracked non-stop comedy talking about feudal culture in a humorous way. He also brought comic awards and fun-filled games for audience.

Ali Gul’s improvisers Syed Raza Arif and Usama Sami revealed to have comedy shows in Lahore and Islamabad as well.


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