Raja Khalid Gets Insecure From Meera For His Son

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Meera’s-to-be-father-in-law Raja Khalid Pervez is once again feeling insecure from Meera for his son Naveed Parvez.

Raja Khalid Pervez told that he is very much afraid of Meera for his son Naveed’s life and property. He also said to discuss it in a press conference in Pakistan.

Previously, the father of Pakistani-American pilot Naveed Parvez, Raja Khalid Pervez broke his son’s engagement to Meera due to her controversial marital status but later on got agreed to accept Meera as her daughter-in-law following his son’s commitments to her. Meera and Naveed Parvez are set to tie the wedding knot on July 21, 2012. However, Raja Khalid Pervez is once again very much concerned for his son’s wedding to Meera.

Though the reasons are not disclosed, let’s wait for the press conference.





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