Shermeen Obaid Chenoi Gets Alleged By Acid Victim

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The famous Oscar winning Pakistani documentary filmmaker Shermeen Obaid Chenoi has got into trouble by an acid victim of her documentary film Saving Face.

Rukhsana Bibi, whose narrative was used in Shermeen Obaid Chenoi’s documentary “Saving Face,” has accused her of not fulfilling her promise of providing financial support. Rukhsana Bibi told that Shermeen Obaid Chenoi offered her compensation and benefits to appear in her film, but after the film got released and received appreciation, the director forgot her commitment.

Rukhsana Bibi alleged Shermeen Obaid Chenoi of promising a five-marla house, plastic surgery and financial aid of Rs 3,000,000. She also told that she has been kicked out of her home for appearing in film and is left unsheltered with her children.

Whereas the director of documentary “Saving Face”, Shermeen Obaid Chenoi, has said that she had never promised any such favor of compensation to Rukhsana Bibi. Also, the plastic surgeon Dr Mohammad Jawwad who came to Pakistan to do surgery on Rukhsana could not do so because she turned down the offer.


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