Adnan Sami and Sabah Galadari Get Divorced Once Again

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Pakistani singer Adnan Sami Khan and his second wife Sabah Galadari have once again got an official divorce by the Bombay High Court as filed by Sabah herself.

Adnan Sami Khan and Sabah Galadari were having a very tough and bitter time of their marriage. The relationship became too intolerable that Sabah Galadari, who is a UAE citizen, filed for divorce in the Family Court of India along with registering a court order under the Domestic Violence Act against husband Adnan Sami Khan.

Both of them were strictly agreed for the dissolution of marriage and thus the High Court announced their divorce.

Anyhow, Adnan Sami Khan is having a very good time after the split up. "Let me dance and sing with my family and friends. This torture has been going on from February 2009. My wife Roya Faryabi and I, and my mother have suffered so much...I had full faith in god and the Indian judiciary. I feel like throwing off my shoes like Waheeda Rehman in 'Guide' and singing 'Kaaton Se Kheench Ke Yeh Aanchal'," he said.

Adnan Sami Khan married Sabah Galadari in 2001 and got divorced in 2004. Later on, in year 2007, they tied the knot once again but the things could not work and now they are having their own lives.


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