Mathira Reveals Her Wedding Plans On Mother’s Day

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In her ‘who cares’ style, the outspoken raunchy girl Mathira revealed her wedding plans during “The Shareef Show” on Mother’s Day Special.

The blunt queen Mathira never ponders what people say about her, she is always happy in her own whether it is nude photoshoot or slipping of top on ramp, she never cares. Yesterday, on “The Shareef Show” she accompanied her mother for Mother’s Day Special and was doing too peppy than ever. The reason may be her mom but also the mood of the show that Umer Sharif set with his flawless style.

On asking about her wedding plans, Mathira revealed that she want to have a dynamic Hawaiian wedding on a boat on ocean, wearing garland, in a large gathering of friends and family, with flowers around. Sounds too dreamy.

Hold your hearts boys; Mathira also declared that she has a boyfriend…

Well! Mathira is always unstoppable; she speaks what comes to her mind. Who cares!


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