Bangles Dangle This Summer!

Latest Pakistani Fashion

This summer plastic bangles are going trendy. The designs, styles and forms hard to get in glass or steel bangles are easily found in plastic bangles. Pakistani girls love to adorn hands with latest accessories.

Either wrist bands, Chooriyan (glass bangles), kangans or bracelets all are deemed part of style and beauty. Hand accessories add charm in one’s personality and now the plastic bangles are doing more.

Plastic bangles have various styles and patterns to fit mood of attires. Go for a variety of plastic bangles described below and pair them with your clothes to dazzle this summer.

  • Round and Beaded Plastic Bangles

A variety of plastic bangles is available in Pakistan today. One who loves to adorn hands with round bangles can go for beaded plastic bangles. They look awesome and beautify hands too. Plastic bangles do not have real beads but have a carved impression with bright silver coating that makes them dazzling in dark. Round and beaded plastic bangles paired with traditional outfits compliment them a lot.

  • Pretty Disfigured Plastic Bangles

Though round bangles are conventional but disfigured plastic bangles look pretty and chic. Apart circular, here are square, triangular, oval, and many other deformed that are trendier. These bangles make one look stylish if worn along denim, high heels and street fashion shirts.

  • Kaleidoscopic Plastic Bangles

The mix and blend of color hard to get in glass bangles (chooriyan) can be easily found in plastic bangles. White is mixed with kaleidoscopic colors to match any outfit and all other colors are blended as well.

  • Curled Plastic Bangles

Another creative set of plastic bangles is the curled one. In curled plastic bangles many bangles are interlinked to make one beautiful set of bangles that also have range of colors.

  • Crochet Plastic Bangles

Crochet plastic bangles are more creative and fun packed. You can take plastic bangle of your choice or of any cut and then can crochet beautiful net around.

Go with these beautiful and charming plastic bangles and dazzle with youthfulness.


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