Latest Summer Trends 2011

latest summer trends 2011

A bird eye view on what’s new in the latest summer trends 2011. Traditions and culture never dies. Summers 2011 also let you live your traditions all over again.

Summer trends 2011 take you on a very ethnic and traditional trip. Traditional outfits are the most inn, we all know how Churidars came back in fashion. Similarly we see a lot of truck art in outfits as well as accessories. Truck art is one of the most precious parts of our culture and our designers are doing a great job blending truck art in latest outfits and bags. Truck art is very lively and it makes you feel good about your self. Khaadi and Gulabo have a wide range of tuck art outfits which are very chic and well stitched.

All the provinces offer unique traditions for us to follow and our designers are taking along all four of them in a unique way. Sindhi Ajrak is inn; it can be used smartly in your outfits. You can merge the Ajrak with plain black or white cloth giving it a very elegant look. The colors of Ajrak can be slightly dull but you always have an option to give it a boost with a bright color. Even a plain white outfit will go well with an Ajrak dupatta.

Coming to Balochistan, The mirror work is very popular blended in bright colors similar to truck art. The mirrors are embedded in embroidery with different threads and our designers are merging Balochi mirror work with dull colors. You can get a piece of Balochi embroidery with bright colors and merge it with navy blue it will give life to your outfit. It can also be used in short Kurta’s that you can wear on jeans along with traditional bangles.

The century old tradition of Basant is one of the most colorful traditions of our country. The Basant colors such as bright yellows, oranges and shocking pinks are very inn. They give life to you summer wardrobe. Latest summer trends 2011 let you live your country’s traditions and culture to the most. This trend is extremely colorful which gives you confidence and you all look lovely in bright colors. Summer trends 2011 are all about bright colors and ethnicity.


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