Summer Trend 2011: East-meets-West

pfdc sunsilk fashion week lahore 2011

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Lahore 2011 comes to an end leaving behind an array of new trends, colorful silhouettes, innovative patterns and evolved fashion aesthetics. However, one of the most noted trends not only at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Lahore 2011, but also in the blooming lawn prints 2011 that are coming in, is the striking amalgamation of demure eastern appeal and the alluring western outlook combined together with utmost creativity.

Fashion house Sublime at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week presented edgy western gowns with the addition of dupatta that gave a modest touch to the entire feel of the outfit. Besides, some of the dresses also carried within them the cultural trend of ‘Punjabi Lacha’ revolutionized into modern day trendy dresses.

Teejays unleashed its wondrous fashion sensation in the form of attitude-filled edgy western wear, made Pakistani with a touch of tradition. Such as creating eccentric combinations of chori pajama with frock and crisp tailored coats, giving an eclectic feel to the outfit.

Karma in its latest collection 2011 has blended classic English country romance with quintessential eastern beauty of floral ‘kajras’ rippling in long feminine braid. Besides, traditional lehengas with a subtle touch of rustic English romance look modern yet enchanting.

Similarly, designer Akif Mehmood combined funky western tops with chori daars, and created eccentric creations of east-meets-west look. In addition to PFDC Sunsilk Week 2011 collections, summer lawn collections are equally brimming with this trend encapsulating western glamour into tradition lawn prints

Zest your wardrobe with the beauty of both the cultures this summer and show off your creativity by mixing and fusing different tops with anything you desire. Be it the desi shalwar or chori pajama, pair them and create looks of timeless imagination.



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