Pakistani fashion is all about layered necklaces this winter

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The layered necklace look is in fashion! Layering necklaces to achieve an extra chunky and playful effect has been in style forever. Coco Chanel invented this look in the 40’s and 50’s while Madonna reinvented the vibe in the early 80’s. It was fashionable back then and it’s just as hip now if you like the look.

In the Pakistani fashion necklaces have always been a top priority and they help magnify the dress. You’ll see a lot of layered necklaces in Pakistani fashion, weather they’re delicate strands or bold, chunky ones, it’s the hottest item. Chunky layered beads in necklaces are very hot this season in Pakistani fashion, and they come in all different colors! Hot, metallic layered necklaces are a must to have if you want to be a part of Pakistani fashion. They go with this season’s metallic inspired accessories in fashion, so layer the necklaces! Pair a metallic layered necklace with a black dress and you are the fashion guru. Delicate jewel chains are very feminine and they go with almost every outfit. Layered long necklaces  - whether they're delicate golden strands or bold, chunky strings of gemstones  - are the accessory to have in Pakistani fashion. If you could sum up the Pakistani trend in neckwear for the upcoming fall season in two words it would be “layered necklaces”. No longer relegated to accessory status, the necklaces for this season have come out of hiding and are stealing the Pakistani show as headlines. If you love jewelry, this is the year to express yourself with your own statement wearing layered necklaces.


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