Spring Fashion Trend 2013 In Pakistan

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Latest Pakistani Fashion

The king of the seasons, I mean spring season is approaching. This season is commonly known as the season of colors that sets in between winter and summer. Our society has become more conscious about trends and fashion.

Every one of us wants to look trendy and fashionable. We usually wear the outfit that suits our personality and the one that compel others to admire us. After winter now its time for us to groom ourselves with new trends of spring. Be stylish and fashionable with every season. I have some news ideas and trends to rock this spring. Just keep reading for being stylish.

Spring Outfits and clothing trends:

When we talk about fashion, the first thing that hits us is the best dress and outfit. This spring has bought Emerald as the color of the year. This green color is vivid, fresh and seems luxurious at the same time. This cool color is perfect for you to rock the spring and summer as well. Be the first to grab the outfits of Emeralds.

Appliqué and cutwork: 

It will be more noticeable trend this spring. Appliqué has a traditional touch in it that will make us look traditionally fashionable. Get this pattern (appliqué and cutwork) on your shirts to tell the world that you are preserving your past trends as well.

Back to ‘Shalwar’:

This spring let yourself be comfortable in shalwar kameez. Shalwar kameez is out of fashion for last two years but this spring has bought the fashion of shalwar again; especially for the old aged women who usually feel uncomfortable in trousers and pajamas.

Overlap dark and light colors:

The combination of light and dark colors is always in fashion that’s why this spring, the trend of light and will be followed by us.

Button and beads:

This spring, get your shirt decorate by beads and buttons. Different designers of Pakistan have introduced their outfits with lace work over neck and borders. The trend of lace will be surely followed this year ahead.

Handhelds and bags:

The fashion and glamour is incomplete if you don’t have a clutch or handbag with you. Going to some party, ceremony or to a regular hangout, your personality is incomplete without it. 2013 has bought the trend to clutches and small day bags with it. Bold colors with buckles on your bag are the trend that you have to follow this spring. So what are you waiting for?? Go and get your handbag or clutch to become first in the race of fashion.

Foot wear:

When it comes to foot wear, I suggest you to wear the one in which you feel comfortable and easy. But if we talk about trend of this year, heels are back in fashion. Pencil heels are the one that will rock this year. If you are tall then I recommend you to wear flat pumps as they are always in fashion and will be.


The beauty of a woman lies in her hair. Beautiful hair is the sign of beauty indeed. Different hairstyles (according to your hair length) can add to your beauty and help you to look more stylish and fashionable. 2013 has brought the new styles for your hair. I suggest you to follow the tips according to your hair length.

For long hair:

This spring, give your hair a straight look if you have long hair. Straight hair is always beautiful and admirable. Moreover, long and straight hair is the dream of every girl so those who have the one must follow this trend.

For medium hair:

Those who have medium hair should use some small catcher or clip to tie their hair but in a loose style. Don’t tie your hair in a manner that they look sticky and flat.

For small hair:

In recent survey, short hairstyle gain more popularity than long hair. Try to choose the hairstyle for short hair according to your facial features that look elegant at the same time. The trends of short hairstyle for 2013 include bob, pixie, layers etc.

This is all about the new trends of coming spring 2013. I am sue that you will be more trendy and fashionable if you have fully read this article and follow the above mention trends of 2013.


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