Latest Eid Collection 2012 by Nimsay

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Designer: Nimsay

Latest Eid Collection 2012 by Nimsay is a set of beautiful and stylish dresses for young girls and women that are designed to make them girlish on Eid day.

Nimsay now brings ultra feminine range of Latest Eid Collection 2012 that consists of modern cuts and designs for all Pakistani girls and women.

With Eid festival coming close day by day, all ladies are rushing to market to find their special Eid dress. It’s the peak time to get a smart and trendy Eid dress and what can be good choice other than Latest Eid Collection 2012 by Nimsay.

Nimsay Eid Collection 2012 has all the eye catching elements that every girl looks for. It contains pretty long shirts paired with churidar pajamas. The hues are quite brighter making one to look outstanding on the big eid day.

Shirts of Latest Eid Collection 2012 by Nimsay, are keenly adorned at both front and back to give them a luxury feel with artistic work of thread and embroidery.

Comments (2)

August 2nd, 2012 04:43 AM by Sara Imran

Price pls

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August 2nd, 2012 04:44 AM by Sara Imran

And where are u located in karachi

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