Trendy Couture Collection 2012 By Shamaeel Ansari

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Formal Women Dress
Designer: Shamaeel Ansari

Fashion designer Shamaeel Ansari catches the modern culture with her Trendy Couture Collection 2012 presented with an inspiring shoot.

Trendy Couture Collection 2012 by Shamaeel Ansari is an ensemble that boldly adorns young girls and ladies.

The collection includes a beautiful range of long shirts, tights, tunics, tops, sleeveless shirts and trousers designed over best fabric of chiffon, and silk.

Shamaeel Ansari is known for creating exquisite pieces always so as his Trendy Couture Collection 2012 has displayed the deep fashion aesthetics.

Fashion models Saima Azhar, Sanah Sarfaraz, Areeba, Saima Haroon, Sana Khan, Frieha Altaf, Saba, and Sadaf Kanwal have modeled for Shamaeel Ansari Couture Collection 2012-2013. Hair & makeup of all fashion models is done by Sabs Team.



Chairperson FPW 5 Shamaeel Ansari Talks To Fashion Central

Chairperson FPW 5 Shamaeel Ansari Talks To Fashion Central

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