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Swiss Lawn Collection 2012 by Cross Stitch

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Swiss Lawn Collection 2012 by Cross Stitch

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Designer: Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch brings its meticulous latest Swiss Lawn Collection 2012 that feverishly speaks for trendy women.

Famous ready to wear fashion brand Cross Stitch has launched its Swiss Lawn Collection 2012 that includes an eye catching array of embroidered designs and patterns.

This embroidered Swiss Lawn Collection 2012 by Cross Stitch has a range of long and medium length shirts paired with trousers and pajamas. The highlight of the collection is the hues blend and the textures done over the fabric.

Cross Stitch Swiss Lawn Collection 2012 also has a unique pockets and brooches addition on shirts that make the dresses more fashionable and elegant.

Fashion model Ayyan Ali has beautifully posed for Cross Stitch’s Swiss Lawn Collection 2012.

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