Abdul Samad at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 4

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fashion pakistan week 2012

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Designer: Abdul Samad
Venue: PC, Karachi.

Abdul Samad came forward with a visionary Quaid's life inspired collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 4.

The collection showcased by Abdul Samad at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 4 was looking more a tableau on Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s style than a fashion showcase.

There was a wide range of dresses like suits, sherwanis, barrister like or the British man that Jinnah dressed of however, it failed to make any impact in its fashion. Though the endeavor was to be praised but at some other occasion may be. Also the fashion models were not graceful enough to hold the pride of Mr. Jinnah.

The official photographer for Abdul Samad Collection at Fashion Pakistan Week 2012 Day 4 was Tapu Javeri. Event organizer was Catwalk Productions, back stage by O21 Productions and PR was handled by Catalyst PR.

Comments (1)

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