Fashion Show at Lux Style Awards 2011 by Ali Xeeshan

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Designer: Ali Xeeshan
Venue: Expo Center, Karachi

The captivating Fashion Show by Ali Xeeshan at Lux Style Awards 2011 was a fashion treat for all fashionistas who love to don trendy and chic wear.

Pakistani fashion designer Ali Xeeshan presented his latest Crimson collection at 10th annual Lux Style Awards. Based on eccentric theme the flowy dresses were the highlight of the LSA 2011 night.

Crimson collection by Ali Xeeshan at Lux Style Awards 2011 was dominated by colour black giving each outfit an exceptional magic and seduction. Though outfits by Ali Xeeshan had simple tailoring lines but they spoke bold and dauntless.

Fashion designer Ali Xeeshan presented collection for both men and women at Lux Style Awards 2011.

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