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Encyclomedia PR, a boutique public relations firm, focuses on providing quality-always approach, through high-impact communication service and dedicated competence. Our clients are our business and we uniquely position them to share their stories.

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Luxury Made Affordable by Moda in Pelle

Luxury Made Affordable by Moda in Pelle

Nov 8th, 2012
Vogue Towers M.M Alam Road, Lahore.

British boutique brand, Moda in Pelle which has opened its first store in Pakistan at the Vogue Towers, M.M. Alam road has offered its first invites only sale of the season. read full review ›

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  1. Luxury Made Affordable by Moda in Pelle - 2012/11/08
  2. Launch of British Boutique Moda In Pelle - 2012/07/30
  3. Housefull 2 Premiere in Lahore - 2012/04/24
  4. Launch of Saira Shakira at 10 Q Lahore - 2012/03/01
  5. Launch of Club - X by Leisure Club - 2011/12/08
  6. Launch of Artdeco Skin Care line in Lahore - 2011/11/23


Encyclomedia PR

Encyclomedia PR is exclusively focused on result driven PR. We keep a small number of clients at a time therefore each client receives excellent attention. We believe in being just the best, not the biggest ! more ›

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